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    I had an interesting idea for a good discussion for all of you.
    What if Leia and Luke roles were reversed in the series? This means that Luke would have been taken by the Organas, became a prince of Alderaan. Conversely, Leia was given to the Lars’ and became a farmer?
    What would have happened? Who would Obi-Wan go and protect from a distance?
    If it was Leia, would she have been trained as Luke was? Or would he stay on Alderaan and still train Luke?
    It still makes sense for him to go to Tatooine as it is more isolated and easier to stay hidden.
    Maybe he could have done a Yoda and found another planet on which to hide. Waiting for a twin to come of a certain age and train them in secret.
    I believed he always wanted to train Luke sooner, but Owen got in the way and forbid it. Only for the Force to present the situation of ANH.

    It may seem ridiculous to say but Disney chose to have strong female leads in the last two SW films. Probably a marketing move to bring in a different demographic to the SW universe.
    Although we can say that Leia and Padmé were strong characters, but the stories did not exactly revolve around them. This was always a series around Anakin.

    Would changing the Skywalker twin that was trained as a Jedi make any difference in the events or outcomes in a galaxy far, far away?

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    I don’t think it would make much difference other than Han & Leia’s relationship, whether they would be together or not. Other than that I cant think of anything else.

    Maybe Leia would become a pilot? Or would Luke and Leia both become pilots and have somebody else leading the rebellion?

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