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    As you all know in attack of the clones count dooku defeated anakin and obi-wan leaving them badly wounded, yoda came to their recue fighting dooku, leading him to an escape, but what if anakin and obi-wan or possibly yoda defeated count dooku and returned him to the jedi council? This would change a lot of things since anakin killing dooku in revenge of the sith, led to the dark side, since palpatine ordered him to. love to see replies from all of you wondering! As always MTFBWY!

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    Let us not forget that Obi-Wan did give the information Dooku told him about the Senate being controlled by a Dark Lord of the Sith to both Yoda and Mace.
    They were weary of the validity of the information but did say they needed to be more mindful of the events in the Senate.

    Whether this defeat means Dooku dead or captured, I think Palpatine would have justmoved on to another apprentice. He would still not be able to turn Anakin that soon after his secret marriage to Padmé.
    This may be more likely with his death.
    If still alive, it would make sens for Palpatine to free Dooku in some way.
    It may seem ridiculous but this may be a minor change which affects nothing of the big picture plan.

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    Would be a bit funny if went to the trouble of freeing Dooku only to set up the same beginning as ROTS. Palpatine doing the kill him thing then Dooku being like “he’s the Sith Lord, you got him cuffed to the chair, where’s my cell I’m ready for jail”?

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    Interesting. I wonder if Palpatine would use Grievous as an apprentice, or Ventress if she was known at that point.

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