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    I think Snoke is C’boath and heres my evidence:
    C’boath was a clone and 99 was a clone. SWT said Snokes injuries were from birth, and he looks a lot like clone 99.
    C’boath used force lightning, but wasn’t really a Jedi or Sith. Also STW’s theory about him not wearing black.
    Both C’boath and Snoke wear robes that show their chests.
    Both C’boath and Snoke Know Luke.
    Both C’boath and Snoke wanted to control Han and Liea’s offspring.


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    That’s a interesting theory,nice

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    I really enjoyed reading about this character in Legends, so it’s great to see someone else remember him. Interesting theory on how he could be Snoke.

    Obviously they’re both clones, but I think that’s definitely where any similarities end. Clone 99 was an honourable individual who ultimately gave his life to save his brother clones.

    C’baoth on the other hand was completely insane & wanted to be worshipped (it never quite worked out for him that way lol).

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