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    I have seen many videos, youtube or otherwise, even from SWT about a potential change / better understanding of the Force in TLJ.
    Although I agree that the midichlorian idea of Episode I is simplistic and may only be one pov, should Disney try and correct this issue?
    They have changed the Sith crystals already, which seems okay for now, but I just hope that they are not going to go overboard with our knowledge of the Force in TLJ.
    This may ruin the series for many of us who just love the original trilogy.

    Revan the Butcher
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    How would you think they might change it? I don’t think they will

    Elliott Winter
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    I am sure there will be more of an extensive view of how both sides of the Force work together, and that Rey will be taught a little by Luke, but not use it fully until the confrontation with Snoke and Kylo Ren. It will be then that her true destiny and fate will be chosen, whether for the Light or Dark Side, both or in -between.- I can’t wait for The Last Jedi to see a new Star Wars and how the events unfold.

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