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    A long time ago in a galaxy

    Far Far away…

    “The Uprising.”

    As the Galactic Order was approaching the Planet of Endi, A group of Alliance Soldiers and two Jedi Named Pashike (Pronounced PAH-SHH-EIK) and his son Rome were preparing for another attack on yet another new order of Imperials who wanted to take over the galaxy and rule in peace as those before have said. The planet Endi was a beautiful planet full of lush vegetation, and towns that crisscrossed the planet. An experienced Alliance warrior named General Poe Dameron who had been in the Rebellion for more than 30 years, said to a new recruit of the Alliance named Ian “first the Empire, then the first Order, and now the Galactic Order? Huh, how much worse can it get?” he said to Ian. Ian replied asking “the empire? The First Order?”
    “Yeah, didn’t you read it in the history books?” Asked Poe. Ian rolled his eyes and looked up at the sky. As Ian looked up, his eyes widened to the night sky, he tapped Poe on his right shoulder twice, “we have to warn the Jedi…” Poe looked up and saw the leviathan star destroyers getting closer and closer toward the planets outskirts and atmosphere. As Ian and Poe ran to warn the Jedi, Pashike was teaching his son Rome about the ways of the force, and the history of their family’s connection with the light and the dark side. As they were about to be warned by Ian and Poe, Rome heard the sound of ships landing. Rome looked outside and saw the landing lights of the Galactic Order’s shuttles ready to land. Poe and Ian ran to Pashike “they’re here sir.” Said Poe, “Then we must go to face them. Poe, alert your troops” Pashike said.
    Pashike and Rome grabbed their Lightsabers and ran outside their Dorm. Outside they saw dozens of Alliance Troops battle ready waiting for orders. As they are waiting, a soldier nervously asked Poe “do we start firing? They are close by.” They heard the ground vibrate as masses of Troopers headed their way. Some of the enemy soldiers started firing at them but they were too far out of range. As they got closer they passed over an area where the alliance soldiers had laid Land Mines. “Now!” said Poe, as the troopers stepped on the mines and they started exploding one after another. Then as the smoke started to clear, more troops started to arrive with the orders “OPEN FIRE!” rang out from both sides. Colors of red and green crisscrossed back and forth from the Galactic orders forces and from the alliance.
    Rome and Pashike ignited their lightsabers and started to block the incoming blaster fire. “are they gone?” asked Ian, then a dozen of special force troopers appeared and started to blast down the civilians of the town. In the crossfire, Ian was hit. Poe ran as fast as he could to Ian, but it was too late, he was gone. Feeling the deaths of the civilians in the force Pashike and Rome ran toward the Special Forces and started slicing them down one by one. On the Leviathan, Director Sacul Approached the new dark lord of the sith named Darth Renan. “Lord Renan, our fleet is being wiped out, do we retreat or continue the attack?” he asked. Darth Renan Replied by saying “gather the most experienced Troopers and prepare my ship.” “As you wish my lord.” Then out of the corner of his eye, Rome see’s one last ship approaching the battlefield.
    As the Ship Landed the sound of Dirt and Rubble crunched under the floor beneath them. The platform opened, and Darth Renan and the special troops came walking down. Renan Looked at Pashike then at Rome, then at the Soldiers. Renan lifted his hand and with the force, he froze the troops, then he formed his hand into a fist and all the Alliance troops fell to the floor dead except Pashike Poe and Rome. As Renan Approached Pashike walking over all the dead bodies, Pashike felt the Anger and the power he possessed, but it was strange, it wasn’t Renan’s power it was someone else’s. “You have grown so old since the last time I saw you,” Renan said with a voice changer. “And how ignorant you’ve become with the dark side since the last time I saw you, that mask doesn’t make you any stronger,” Pashike responded. “Your humor is still the same old man, it is good to see that some things never change.” Said Renan.
    Barely able to restrain himself any longer, Rome lunged forward at Renan with all his might. Renan in a split second blocked it with his lightsaber. “I sense great strength in you young one, anger and fear use them!” said Renan. Pashike used the force and took Rome out of the battle. “He is better off with me then he is with you taunting him with the Dark side.” Renan in anger started to force choke Pashike saying “YOU DON’T KNOW THE POWER I HAVE YOU OLD JEDI SCUM!” Then Rome took out his lightsaber and sliced Renan’s hand. Renan released Pashike and he fell to the floor on his knees, Renan started to shock Rome with his Force lightning, Pashike ran to Renan, but then Renan Force Froze Pashike. “Look at your son suffer!” then a mysterious voice came to Renan’s mind saying “that’s enough dark energy Renan let him go, we will need him in the future but for now return to me.” Renan stopped the lighting unfroze Pashike and force pushed Rome to a wall and made him unconcise. Renan heard from the back of his ear marching feet walking toward him saying “Do we take the Jedi?” “They are no importance for us right now.” Renan got onto the ship and made the flight on autopilot to the Leviathan. Renan landed the ship in the Star Destroyer and went to a medical bay where he sat down took off his mask and got a Robotic Hand.

    After Renan left to the leviathan, Pashike got up and picked up Rome, Poe walked out of a shelter and took the dog tags of the fallen Alliance soldiers. Poe got up on his knees and left to his ship with no words. As for Pashike, he walked to the alliance transport shuttle, returning to the Jedi Temple.
    After Darth Renan’s Procedure, Director Sacul Approached Renan saying “we had a transmission from Lord Plagueis, he said to report to him immediately.” Renan walked to the Landing pads on the Leviathan and got onto his ship and left.

    Rome woke up in his dorm on the planet named LAUQEED. (Pronounced LOW-KEYD) where the Jedi Temple is held. Lauqeed is a planet of small cities and is where the small Jedi temple is located. Panting from a dream Rome had. As he got ready for his training all he thought about was the dream. As Rome began his training, Pashike Noticed that something was troubling Rome “what is on your mind Rome?” Rome replied, “I had a nightmare of Darth Renan and an apprentice beside him, I remember seeing the Jedi on the ground dead everyone the Men, the Women, and the children too, and in front of all that I heard a man’s voice saying to fulfill my destiny.” Pashike knew that he wanted Revenge on Darth Renan, Rome’s eyes turned yellow like every sith start. The ground shook in his anger. Pashike calmed Rome down and his eyes went back to its normal color. Pashike told Rome “let’s go start our training at once.” As they’re walking Pashike again Sensed Darth Renan’s power but this time it was different, he saw Rome’s dream but this was no dream it was a vision.

    Renan’s Ship Landed on the planet Malack, Planet Malack was a deserted Planet left for many years since the Mandalorian war, there laid the ancient Sith temples from Sith of long ago. As the Platform door opened Renan walked down and started to head toward the temple of his Master Darth Plagueis the wise. The Sith Temple was a large room full of ancient sith writing on the walls. On each wall of the temple there where statues of the great sith of the past, beside Plagueis and the door were 2 sith guards. As Renan approached the throne room two Sith Guards started to walk with Renan beside him, Renan Kneeled down, and the two Sith Guards stood up. “Ah, my young apprentice,” said Plagueis
    Renan askes “why have you summoned me here my master?” Plagueis in reply says “I felt the power that the young Jedi has, and the other Jedi as well, what are their names?” “I do not know the boy’s name, but I do know the man’s name.” said Renan “yes, what is his name?” he asked. Renan said in reply “his Name is Pashike Skywalker, my father. And the Padawan is my younger brother.”
    Plagueis tells Renan “I have sensed your bothers weakness, go to the planet of Concu, control the planet and slaughter every civilian, then he will fall into our hands.” “As you wish my master.” Said Renan. As Renan got up on his knees, he walked out of the temple and left to the Leviathan on his ship.

    After Pashike was finished training with Rome, Pashike Approached the Jedi master named Master Ublar, Master Ublar was a twelek species. Pashike told Ublar the dream Rome had and asked if this could be a vision “This Vision could mean that he is being tempted by the Dark side of the force, if you do not train your son to be pure with the light, then you have already lost him, like your other son.” “I will not loss Rome to Plagueis! He might’ve taken Roan but, I have faith Rome will not go to the dark side.” “I do know Rome is Strong Pashike, but is he capable for restraining the dark side?” “You’re saying that Rome will fall just like Anakin? Anakin was forced to becoming the Dark Lord.” “It doesn’t mean it could happen again.” Pashike looked to the floor and left Ublar’s Presence.

    Renan Arrived in the Leviathan and told Director Sacul “prepare all the troops for battle.” Renan said “All the troops?” Sacul Asked. Renan stopped and started to force choke Sacul “don’t ever question my orders Sacul.” Renan said, “I’m sorry my lord.” Renan let him free and walked to the Control Center. As Renan arrived at the control center he told them “full speed to Canco, prepare all the troops.” “Yes my lord.” Said an Admiral. Then left into hyperspace. As they are in hyperspace, Renan left to his Dorm and just as he arrived, there he fell to the floor on his knees having flashbacks of when he was a Jedi, these flashbacks gave Renan migraine headaches, “GET OUT OF MY HEAD! The past is dead” Then Renan started to hear voices of regret. Coming from the control Center, Director Sacul approached Renan saying “Sir, we are here on Concu.” Then Renan walked out of the Dorm and walked into the Control center and saw they were at the atmosphere, The Alien and human civilians there looked up at the star destroyer and saw ships headed toward them.

    The Starfighters started to shoot the inhabitants of the planet and left nothing but terror. Then shuttles arrived in the ground and fleets of troops along with Renan started to slaughter civilians knocking down doors of houses and exploding them with bombs. Director Sacul and Darth Renan look around and saw nothing but destruction “Good, lord Renan now where is the boy’s mother?” Plagueis Asked. “Search for Juhani Skywalker,” said Renan. Troops started to ask harshly for Juhani Skywalker. Then Two Troops come with Juhani one holding her by the arms. “We found her lord Renan,” said the troop. “You’re coming with me…” Renan said to Juhani. “Over my dead body!” then she spits on Renan’s Helmet. “Take her away,” said Director Sacul. “I think we’ve done enough.”

    Pashike was disturbed by a Jedi Master named Master Tolan “may I speak to you Master Skywalker?” “Very well,” said Pashike. “What is it? What has happened?” Master Tolan sighed and said “the planet Concu was conquered by the Galactic Empire, and during the process, many civilians died… along with Rome’s mother.” Pashike in shock replied, “how can this be, how am I going to tell my son?” Pashike inhaled and exhaled saying “thank you for letting me know I will go to Rome at once.” After Tolan left Pashike left to Rome. As Pashike was walking toward Rome’s dorm, Pashike started to connect with Renan. Pashike stopped and said, “How can you do this to your own mother, your brother, and I?” “I have no choice, the force is strong with him, and two powerful being’s need to rule as kings.” Then the Connection was cut off. As he arrived at Rome’s Dorm, he said to Rome “Rome sit down.” “What happened Father?” asked Rome “The planet you grew up on Concu was overthrown by the Galactic Order and during that process…your mother died in the hands of Renan.” Rome looked to the floor and made his hand into a fist form and started to have tears going down his check. “Look son…” then Rome interrupted him saying “I want to kill him, he’s going to pay what he did to mom.” Again Rome Shook the ground, “I’m going to kill him!” Pashike tried to calm him down, but Rome didn’t let himself. Rome then force pushed Pashike out the door.
    (Two weeks later)
    Pashike saw Rome in the training center, he felt he was balancing the Light and dark, His eye’s where not as normal and the color of his lightsaber became purple. Each time Rome would clash his lightsaber, a strange power would emerge from it. Pashike asked Rome “what have you done?” “I’ve found the way, the path! The Jedi need to follow. Not just light but the dark as well.” Rome said, “The Jedi must be pure Rome, There cannot be a balance.” Said Pashike, Then Rome fell to his knees and the power tried to take over his mind. Screaming in pain Pashike ran to him and laid him in his arm’s “who was that?” Rome asked, “who Rome?” “The Man on the throne, calling my name, he said he had something I wanted.” “And what is that?” Pashike asked. “Power, strength, and to kill Renan,” Rome said.

    Pashike told Rome “come follow me.” As they left the Temple they went out to a great mountain, where Rome was able to get his mind off of what had just happened to him. “Close your eyes.” Pashike said, “Feel the force between all the citizens.” Then Rome said, “I feel peace, kindness, Justice…” “Now feel the force between you what do you see?” Pashike asked. “Justice, Power, Balance, Sadness, and hatred… wait he’s in my head again, he keeps saying a code repeatedly far more different from the Jedi… He’s pulling me in!” “Rome stop!” Pashike yelled. Then Rome pulled off from the meditation. “Rome never go beyond that power, you have to remember the dark side is strong in our family’s blood, we must always resist that temptation.” “Father you don’t understand I saw mom.” Said Rome, Pashike with a shocked face asked him “your mother, how is she alive?” “She’s being held captive inside one of the Galactic Orders ships or something it was blurry, we have to go save her.” Said Rome “Rome listen to me, it’s all a setup. Renan wants you to go and try to save your mother so when you arrive he will force you to join him.”
    At the Leviathan Renan Approaches’ Juhani Cell Room. Juhani in raging anger asks Renan “What the hell do you want from me now, you monster?!” Renan ignored what she had just said, and took off his helmet. Then Jahani’s eye’s opened when she saw the son of who she thought died. “Roan?! My boy! What have you done?” “Roan died a long time ago he is no more Juhani.” “No, no! There is still good in you son I just know it.” Said Juhani having faith. “You’re here because, you will become my lore to bring Pashike to me, and now you will obey my every word. Renan opened the cell door and left the Control Center. As he arrived there, the sound of Heels came walking towards him, he looked behind his shoulder and saw Director Sacul. “Lord Renan, if I may ask why do we have this woman on this ship? You do realize the Jedi and Rebellion will come and try to save her.” “The Jedi and the Alliance are not the Problem Director, the problem is if we don’t have that boy you will be the one explaining the problem to Plagueis.” Then Renan Left. “Prepare for hyperspace, and return to our base at once.” Said Director Sacul giving away the orders.

    It was Dark Now at the Jedi Temple, and Rome couldn’t sleep after seeing his mother captive but still alive and breathing. “I can’t take this anymore, Dad Won’t let me, I have to save her myself if I have too,” Rome said. Rome got up from his bed, He opened the door to his Dorm and snuck through the halls of the Jedi temple. As he reached the entrance of the Jedi Temple, Rome went as fast as he could to his personal Ship and left to find his mother. Pashike Sound asleep heard nothing of the ship’s departure. After Rome left the Jedi Temple, Darth Renan could sense Rome coming closer and closer to him, Plagueis tells Renan telepathically “Good, My young apprentice I could sense the boy’s presence in our hands.” Then the voice faded away. Director Sacul Approached Darth Renan in the Command Bridge saying “Lord Renan a small armored Starfighter is approaching our base, do we go on destroying it?” “No, let him pass through the shield I’ll deal with him.”

    Rome lands on the planet Ciratis where the Galactic Orders base is held. Ciratis is a planet with no civilization it was abandoned after the fall of the first order, the planet’s culture was wiped out many eons ago by the Rattak Empire. Its oceanic region is left only with fish and sea monsters, the planets shield generator are scattered about the planet on island chains. At the top of the island, Rome gets out of his Ship and sees ruins of old battlegrounds scattered all around the planet on small pieces of land. He walks over to a Galactic Order submarine which takes Rome miles away from shore. Rome gets out of the submarine and Meets a dozen of troops guarding the door behind them. Rome Runs toward the troops and slices them one by one. After Rome was done fighting the Troops he used the force to open the door and ran inside. Looking for his mother from left and right, Rome Runs into Darth Renan. Rome took out his lightsaber and charged for Renan, Then in an instant, Renan force Froze Rome, As Rome Struggles to get away, Darth Renan lets him go. Rome turns around and troops circle around him. He had no choice but to surrender.
    Pashike walked down the halls to Rome’s dorm and saw the door opened and all the sheets on the floor. Pashike walked outside and saw Rome’s ship was gone. Pashike went to his ship and left to the alliance base on Oaastar. Oaastar was an old battle ready base that was never used during the reign of the empire, and now the Alliance use it as a new secret hideout. As Pashike landed on the old platform, He got off his ship and looked down at the old Rebellion’s Sign. As he’s walking through the thrown out rubble, Different kinds of species of animals look at Pashike. A strange three-eyed, four-legged, and pointed eared animal walked and paused in front of Pashike and waited for Pashike to follow him. As Pashike followed the strange little animal, he took Pashike to a cave full of vines hanging from it. As the Animal left, Pashike entered the cave and saw the remaining alliance troops training, sorting out plans, and polishing their Starfighters. As Pashike entered more into the base he was approached my Poe and bb-8 saying “welcome Pashike what brings you here?” “I need a squadron of…” then Poe interrupts Pashike saying “let me stop you there, look around Pashike we aren’t so many, the Rebellion is failing and falling quickly and I don’t think we can afford to risk another life’s falling into the hands of the Galactic Order.” “Didn’t you say that the rebellion is the spark that ignited the fire that would bring the first order and other galactic orders to fall?” said Pashike. “Well, maybe the spark has ended,” Poe said. “Freedom will always find a way and we must never give up or give in,” Pashike said in return

    Poe said in anger to Pashike “you’ve never seen half of your men being wiped out like bugs in just a few seconds, have you? I am not risking anymore Pashike.” Pashike then said, “You’re right I don’t know that feeling.” Pashike placed his first to fingers on Poe’s forehead, then Pashike took Poe to the day when Pashike’s son turned to the dark side. Seeing all the Jedi being slaughtered and the Jedi temple in flames. Pashike brought him back to reality. Poe looked at the floor and then looked at Pashike as if he saw a ghost. “We’ll do it, but there aren’t many of us… luckily I have a buddy who is a spy for the alliance He lives out in the outer rim now, maybe I could convince him and his gang to come along…” Pashike agreed and Poe alerted the Remaining Alliance troops to prepare for take-off.”

    Back in the Galactic Order’s base. Two troops go to the interrogation room with Rome handcuffed. They opened the door and locked him inside. The troopers walked out and Darth Renan came in. Using the force Renan slammed the door behind him, Renan walked up to Rome, using an old Sith force power to read minds, Renan stuck out his hand and placed it above of Rome’s head saying “I sense the hatred within you Skywalker, the resolution you seek is to Avenge your mother.” “Get out of my head, “said Rome “I can give you want you to seek Rome, I have the power and the wisdom to do so, forget about the Jedi and their ways and stand beside me as kings.” As tempting as it was for Rome to join Darth Renan, Rome stood his ground as said. “I will never join you Renan.” I thought it wouldn’t have to go this way.” Renan took out his Lightsaber and stabbed Rome on his arm. Rome screamed in pain, in shook he looked at the lightsaber and saw the glare of that shadow he saw in his dream. “Is this pain giving you strength Rome?” Renan asked but Rome said nothing and just grunted in pain. “Fine, I will give you time to let you decide. In the meantime channel your pain it is a powerful weapon,” he said as he left the room. Then two torment troopers came in and started to torture Rome.

    As Pashike Poe and the troops arrive to Tykos VI, they get off the shuttle and were stopped by a hammerhead man saying “Hey you! You can’t come to Tykos without paying the landing fee, you either pay or leave.” Pashike walks up to the man and waves his hand in front of his face using a Jedi mind trick “we don’t have to pay the landing fee…” the hammerhead man then said “you know what you don’t have to pay the landing fee.” “You will never charge people landing fees again.” Then again the hammerhead said “I don’t have to charge people for landing fees ever again.” “You will leaves us” Pashike said. Then the hammerhead left. Poe looked at Pashike and said “for the forty years in the Alliance I’ve never seen a Jedi do that.” “It’s an old Jedi trick, Jedi rarely ever use it.” Tykos VI is known as the planet of cities, Tykos is a planet for constant battles of gangs. It has a vast of shops, Cantinas, and people of all sorts. As people are passing by one after another, Pashike asks Poe “so who is this spy?” Poe Responds “His name is Finn, he and I have a lot of history together fighting side by side, he was with the first order when we first met he helped me escape the base, then he joined the resistance, after this new empire arose they separated us into groups of teams and off we went to different parts of the galaxy…” As the group got closer to the poorer parts Tykos, they see many fallen building and stormtrooper helmets on the floor of battles in the past. Pashike senses people watching them from on top of the buildings. Pashike stopped and the rest of the group stopped as well, “someone is watching us.” Then blaster fire started to shoot them. Pashike took out his lightsaber then the blaster fire stopped. As the enemy saw the lightsaber the came down from the buildings, a ranked gang member came in front of Poe and looked at the Alliance sign on his jacket and without any words the gang took them to their secret base. When they arrive to the base Poe noticed that the base was an old Hutt palace, then they are brought before a man clad in dark brown and yellow painted armor. “Finn! It’s good to see you buddy, listen we need your help …” Finn is stunned seeing his old friend after thirty years of being a spy and alone, Finn had to keep his cover from being a part of alliance so he joined the group of them. The Zahn consortium. But before he could say anything, Lucian Zahn enters the Room escorted by droiddekias. “Well Tokas (Fin’s cover name) what do we have here?” says Lucian. “Sire I caught these Republic spies and this Jedi skulking around our territory.” “Said Finn in a deep voice. “ “Did you know Takos or is it Finn, which do you prefer spy,” Lucian said. “Sire?” Finn said nervously, one of the droids said “should we detain all of them including Takos?” “No, stand down and go outside and guard the door” Lucian said “I want to talk business with these gentlemen.” “Now gentlemen please sit down” Lucian says in a calm voice. “Boss” Finn says “aren’t you going to kill us you have a shoot on sight policy with spies”. “Why would I do that?” Lucian says as he pours a drink for himself, “Your family, I don’t kill family.” “What about your brother you killed him,” Finn said. It was then that Lucians temper flared “He betrayed Fathers dream!!” he said as he threw the glass to the ground. Reclaiming his calmness “Lucian walked up to Finn and patted him on the shoulder. “You haven’t betrayed me Finn just lied and I do that all the time because I deal in it” Lucian said with a laugh. “Listen Lucian” said Pashike “I have to save my son from the hands of the Galactic Order, he doesn’t know what is waiting for him there, Poe told me about Finn and said he would be able to help us.” Lucian stopped and said to Pashike “You people certainly took a chance coming here I could have killed all of you, but luckily for you I hate the Galactic Order they are killing my business deals.” Poe says to Lucian “There aren’t very many of” Lucian interrupts Poe saying “don’t worry my Gang will help out with this attack, I give you all my men, and starships, all I ask of you is to kick their imperial ass, you got that?” Poe agrees to accept this gift in exchange for whipping out the galactic order. They go to his seat of power an even bigger Hutt palace to make battle plans.

    At the Hutt palace the group set about coordinating a battle plan. “So do you have intel on the layout of their base,” Lucian said. “We don’t much about Ciratis, all we know Ciratis is defended to the core, just as scarrif was before the empire destroyed it.” “Well I
    Don’t think sneaking in will work. They will be expecting an attack,” Poe said. “I might have something we recently found, blueprints for the ion cannon of a ship from the clone wars called the Malevolence,” Lucian said. “How did you acquire the blueprints?” Pashike asked. “My father hacked into the imperial database on board the eclipse the largest of the Empire’s Star Destroyers,” Lucian said. “I heard about that incident, didn’t he use its super laser to destroy several Rebellion ships?” Poe asked. “Yes, ugh but that was a long time ago,” Lucian said in disgust. “Can we return to the matter at hand?” Pashike said. “Fine”, Lucian and Poe said. “Anyway my engineers have fitted small-scale versions of its ion cannon to several of our capital ships. We have only tested them a few times but the results were exceptional.” “Great,” Pashike said, “Are you willing to lend us some of these cannons?” Pashike said. “No, no, no, I am not going to give you some of my cannons,” Lucian said. “I thought you were going to help us?” Poe said. “I will, I am going to allow my ships to accompany you, but I am not going to give you everything I own, Helping is one thing giving is another.” After the meeting, Pashike stays in the room alone pondering over the past and hoping it’s not too late for Rome, then Pashike hears the laughing of a young child, Pashike turns back and it was nothing then he heard the voice again “Daddy!” Pashike felt paranoid and got up from his seat. “Then the voice of a young adult saying to Pashike “Have faith Master…” “Who’s there?!” Pashike asked, then no response after that. Pashike was puzzled after hearing those voices that he realized it was the voice of a young man, he hadn’t heard from in a long time. Poe approached Pashike saying “were ready to leave.” “Very well let’s leave,” Pashike said. As they’re about to leave, Poe approaches Finn saying. “Where’s your gun? Come on we have to go.” Finn looked to the floor and with hard words he said to Poe “my mission ends here old friend I’m done fighting, I have a family now and they need me more than ever right now…” Poe as he was leaving he saluted Finn and left to the ship.

    As Darth Renan arrives at the main command center of the base, he sensed Pashike getting closer and closer to the planet. Renan said to a high-class General named General Vato “Prepare our fleet for the attack, the alliance is on their way to save the boy!” “Right away sir.” Then the alarms start to blare out, “what’s going on?” asked Renan “it appears sector G4 the interrogation room has been breached.” Said Director Sacul “How could this happen, the boy couldn’t have possibly gotten out.” “It couldn’t possibly be the guards, they were already dead before he had escaped, “Are there any signs he had been killed in battle?” “There is no sign of any weapon damage of any sort, it could’ve been done with some kind of magic trick.”

    As Rome slipped pass the dead guards, he grabbed his lightsaber and ran to the Prisoners cells to continue his mission. Each time Rome would get closer and closer to his mother, He could sense the weakness and fear of death inside of her. As he reached her cell, Rome saw her laying down on the cold hard floor, he then took out his lightsaber and sliced the cell door open, and cried out “Mom!” as he ran inside to save his mother. She turned around and had tears running down her cheek. She got up and sat down, Rome got on his knees and said. “Your safe mom, I’ve come to save you.” “You shouldn’t have come, it’s all of his plans.” “Who’s Plan?” then just as she was about to talk, an Imperial Death Trooper shot Juhani on her left shoulder and killed her. “NO!” screamed Rome, “Will this make you join me Rome? Will the death of your mother make you suffer?” Rome’s hand turned into a fist, then on his right hand, he ignited his lightsaber. He turned around and used the force to kill the death troopers behind of Darth Renan. Renan then turned on his lightsaber as well.

    At the Zahn corporation shuttle, Lucian approaches Pashike saying “our ships are ready for Battle, each and every one of us is at our stations” “Very well then, send in the ion cannon ships.” Then just as the ships were about to leave, a fleet of Galactic Order ships where headed their way. “Send in our ships,” said Lucian “do we still send in the ion cannons?” “The ships will keep the Galactic Order distracted but in the meantime take down that shield.” “One last question sir, who is leading our squadron?” Then the voice of Poe came on the intercom and said: “Okay people, let’s show them how we used to do it back in the day.” “I’ve got it all under control Lucian, don’t worry.” Said Poe “Just bring back that X-wing in one piece, it cost me big bucks to get my hands on one.” Said Lucian. As the Ion Cannons left to their Positions around the Shield, Lucian screamed out orders saying “Fire!!” then the beam of the ion Cannons shot at the shield. At the Command center Commander Vatoo approached Director Sacul saying “Sir, our shields are taking fire.” “What? Impossible nothing can get passed our shields.” Then the vice Admiral Kato says to Director Sacul “Actually the status of the shield is failing quickly.” “Who could be doing this?” asked Director Sacul, He walked over to the window and saw the Beam hitting the Shield. “Destroy those ships out of the sky!” said Director Sacul. Back at the Shuttle Lucian sees the Shield and saw it was doing damage but wasn’t destroyed yet. One of the Ion cannon pilots said to Lucian “it isn’t working sir.” “Give it more power!” Then Lucian pulled the Lever to the Cannon to Maximum the light of the Power was so bright, it blinded the whole crew on the shuttle and as for each and every pilot on the ion cannon ships as well. When they Regained Sight they saw the shield was down. Then Poe screamed out “Send in the ships now!!” then in full speed, all the ships went straight down to the Planet.

    As Rome made the first strike at Darth Renan, Rome said to him “you’re going to pay for what you did to Juhani.” “She was just a factor of life she lived and now she is dead!” said Renan, Rome grunted and clashed both lightsabers. Rome Kicked Renan to the floor, but then Renan got right up and force gripped Rome to the wall and slammed him to the floor. Rome wiped the blood from his mouth and charged right back at Renan. Blocking every move that Rome was clashing, Darth Plagueis said to Renan “can you not beat your brother? You are too weak!” “NO!” said Renan and regain more power. Clashing back and forth Renan kicked his leg and made him kneel, Just as Renan was about to kill Rome, Pashike Arrived, force gripping Renan and then force pushing him to the wall. Renan got up and said to Pashike “Have you come to save your son or have you come here to regain your place as a Skywalker old man?!” Pashike turned his head toward Juhani’s body and looked at the floor in sadness. Pashike turned on his lightsaber and took off his cloak. “Finally a challenge.” Renan dashed to Pashike and held his lightsaber as if he was going to stab him, just as he was going to stab Pashike, Pashike moved in a split second and sliced Renan arm. Renan put his Hand on his Arm and grabbed some of the blood and placed it on the beam of the lightsaber, He charged right back at Pashike but then Pashike Blocked it, as they are in the clash position Rome Joined in and started to help Pashike.

    Lucian Lead the group of Rebels and Zhen troopers to Battle in the base and said “remember don’t let any troopers survive”, as they arrive at the base at the bottom of the ocean, they opened the door and started to shoot the troopers who were waiting for their arrival. As the crisscross of the fire was going on, Lucian ran behind the Submarine and tried to contact Pashike “Pashike! Pashike!” “Damn it, he won’t answer.” As they finished the battle Poe went up to Lucian asking him “any answer from Pashike?” “No answer yet, I think he might’ve found his sons.” As they left into deeper parts of the base they left to an elevator which led them to the command center of the base. As they arrived, they were greeted by Director Sacul as he’s talking the troopers shot some of Lucian’s men and some of the rebellions as well “well it seems you have lost surrender yourself now or face the consequences.” They dropped their weapons and put their hands on their heads.

    As Renan was struggling to fight both his Father and his Brother, Renan had an Idea. Renan ran to the main core of the planet where if the main reactor is destroyed then the whole planet gets destroyed as well. As they follow Renan, Renan stopped to fight both at the same time but then, Renan Force pushes Rome to the other room causing a force field not letting him pass. But Pashike knew what Renan was trying to do. Pashike Turned off his lightsaber and threw it to the floor saying “I will not fight you anymore Roan.” Renan then said to Pashike “ROAN IS DEAD OLD MAN THAT IS IN THE PAST NOW!” Pashike walked up to Renan and said: “you know the mistake you had made Roan, I can feel the conflict in your son.” Renan looked at the floor and turned off his lightsaber and looked at the floor. Again Plagueis took over his mind and made Renan say. “No, under the sith code I will never go back to the light!” then Renan Ignited his lightsaber stabbing Pashike to his chest. “NO!” Screamed Rome in the other room. Pashike was shocked at what Renan had done but Pashike felt happy at the same time fulfilling his destiny of training both of his sons as Jedi and having one last mission as a Jedi. As Pashike died, Renan placed him down, then left opening the shield to Rome, Rome ran to Pashike but to the fact he was already dead.
    As the Rebellion is being kept hostage Lucian had another trick up his sleeve, as they were taken hostage, Lucian had a droid that was the size of fingernail who helped him get free, then once that droid was done freeing Lucian he helped the rest of the soldiers. As director Sacul and Commander Vato where talking, Lucian shot Commander Vato. Director Sacul then said to Lucian “Very well then…” he then said to the troopers “destroy them all!” as the troopers where fighting Director Sacul Slipped through and escaped into a shuttle. Once they were done fighting the troopers, Lucian Left a Bomb inside the command center and set the bomb off for 3 minutes. “Let’s get out of here!” As they are running to the submarine, they see Rome, Lucian stopped and asked: “where is Pashike?” “He’s dead Renan killed him.” Lucian was shocked after hearing the news and asked Rome “Where did he die?” “He died in the Main core of the Base.” Stay with the troops and get the hell out of here.” As he left to get Pashike, Lucian saw the Boom had one minute left till it exploded, he ran and saw Pashike he grabbed his body and placed it on his shoulders and left to the last submarine that was left behind. As the submarine approached the shore, he saw the Rebellion and his troopers waiting next to the shuttle he got onto the Shuttle and left to space.

    After the Base had exploded and all the reinforcements left to the Leviathan. As Darth Renan arrived at Malack in the report of the failure of the plan of killing both Pashike and Rome. Renan arrived at Plagueis’s throne and kneeled down. “What news have you reported back to me my apprentice?” Nervously Renan responded, “The base on Ciratis was destroyed and the Rebellion left victoriously.” Hearing this news Plagueis got up from his throne and said: “did you kill your brother?” Renan didn’t respond “DID YOU KILL YOUR BROTHER?!” “I killed Pashike isn’t that enough?” “ENOUGH? ENOUGH? I GAVE YOU ORDERS TO KILL THEM BOTH AND YOU KILL JUST YOUR FATHER?!” “You are weak my apprentice, not strong enough to kill a boy.” After hearing Plagueis taunting him. Renan took out his lightsaber and tried to kill Plagueis, but then in a split second Plagueis blocked the attack with his lightsaber. Plagueis lunged forward kicking Renan and then throwing his lightsaber. Plagueis force gripped Renan bringing him to Plagueis saying “I have sensed other Skywalker blood in your family with the power you held when I found you, search across the galaxy and find these other Skywalker’s in your family to become your apprentice.” Then Plagueis force pushed Renan out the door.

    As the Rebellion and Zahn Corporation arrived at the Jedi Temple, the Jedi Held a sacred Funeral for only the greatest Jedi Masters. As they burn Pashike, Master Ublar Approaches Rome saying “We have this information that Pashike wanted us to give you once he had died…” “What is this about Master?” “This information holds birth rights about your Skywalker relatives, Pashike wanted you to find your relatives and train them in the ways of the Jedi.” Rome walked out of the service and looked up at the night sky thinking about his past with his father and then looking towards what the future holds.

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    Rank: Jedi Knight

    Great story.
    I’m glad you included Twileks as they’re one of my favourite species in Star Wars Universe.

    At first I got a little confused finding out Rome was Pashike’s son as well as Renan referrs to him by his first name, but I like that because it made for a cool ‘bombshell moment’.

    I think it was a great touch with The Zahn consortium! Have read a few of his books myself – definately my favourite star wars author!

    Darth Renan
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    thank you and yes i have read some of the books

    Darth Renan
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    i am starting a new story its named “The Apprentice” and thx for reading my fan fic

    Points: 89
    Rank: Jedi Knight

    You’re welcome.

    Have a go at reading the one I submitted if you like – although its a big read in plain text lol so may have to be read in installments. I copied your one into MS Word and made the text bigger so I could read it without eye strain (deleted once I read it of course). Mine deals with a dead Sith being able to return through objects once close to them (something Star Wars theory covered a while ago) with a few twists and turns of my own design.

    I had started on another one dealing with Time travel but haven’t got very far with it (the one I submitted took 3 months to write).

    Keep writing & best for now.

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