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    Hello, I’m a relatively new member of Star Wars Theory having subscribed to the Youtube channel only a few months ago, but I wanted to get my two cents out about The Last Jedi as many have been split about its decisions, whether you love it or hate it, I feel there is one aspect that isn’t being talked about that is very proactive during the film so now that’s out of the way allow me to begin.
    Now you may be wondering about the title of this topic what I may be talking about and before you go to IMDB to find out let me stop you there, see the character I’m talking about is not specifically from The Last Jedi per say but has been present in all of the Star Wars films just never physically seen. I’m talking about the Force as a character, maybe not in the traditional sense, but as a semi-sentient being throughout all of Star Wars.
    Many people disliked how powerful Rey became in such a short amount of time, and at first, I did too, but upon closer inspection of the scene where Rey is practicing her lightsaber technique on the cliff I began to think what if the Force was naturally teaching Rey through her subconscious in order to provide the tools she needed to bring balance, because that it the overarching theme throughout Star Wars is that the Force is constantly attempting to balance itself out. In the case of The Last Jedi, the Force itself chose Rey to be the champion of the Light to counter Kylo Ren as the champion of the Dark, as Snoke himself admitted having foreseen.
    Allow me to make an analogy to better explain myself, say the force is like a flowing river that one day split in half (one light and one dark) and having multiple force users on both sides allowed the rivers to flow unhindered, but once one side was destroyed or reduced to a handful of Darkside/Lightside users the rivers would become clogged and dammed forcing water to build up over time. If there is only one user on either side of the force the result would be similar to putting your thumb over a garden hose where the pressure has been building up for so long that it comes out in a more focused and powerful stream.
    To use this analogy explains many scenes throughout Star Wars and gives more legitimacy the Darth Bane’s Rule of Two, as it explains why Palpatine was able to kill four Jedi masters in mere seconds and why Luke was able to become a master in such a short amount of time because the force granted them and other individuals the power that has been building up over multiple decades at a time in order to rectify itself in the pursuit of balance.
    That is my theory on what is going on with Rey in The Last Jedi because this is the time we’ve seen the force most proactive in the series, so what do you guys think? Am I just trying to justify bad writing with my own machinations on what the force means or do you think I’m on to something and brought a new perspective to the mythos of Star Wars? Anyway, its just food for thought and I wanted for people to talk about it, thank you for your time reading this.

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