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    I’m not familiar with the Nautilus cave as I haven’t played the game this came from. The ‘Mirror cave’ however, as its become known, is one of the better & more interesting aspects of The Last Jedi so its certainly fun to explore that.

    We know that it is under the ancient temple on Ahch-To. It was probably built with a specific purpose in mind, Rey thought she could use it to answer her burning question of who her parents were, which it did if we’re to assume Ryan Johnsons idea that this should be the case will be stuck with in the next film. It did this by showing multiple images of herself, which I believe is a way of saying the real question shouldn’t be who her parents were, but who she is.

    I believe the cave had the power to reflect a Jedi’s fears so that they could explore their ‘inner demons’ & presumably know best how to tackle them, which would keep them in balance and prevent them from ‘straying’ to the Dark side. It may have had more secrets hidden within it as we don’t know how vast it is & what else lay hidden.

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