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    After watching the Solo trailer, I noticed something interesting. Has anyone thought about this??? https://ibb.co/fD9eRH

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    That is interesting the visor is similar alright but the actual helmet is way different I’m thinking this guy belongs to or is the leader of a criminal organization plus isn’t Bobba supposed to be in the movie himself?

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    I think if solo was bad he wouldn’t be with the empire, but he’d be more like Lando or DJ. Personally i think Han Solo wouldn’t abandon his team until his mission is over; kinda like in a new hope.

    Also I personally believe the person in the picture is a Con Star mining refugee from Phasma’s home planet.

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    Well in the OT, he referred to himself as a scoundrel & we know he worked for Jabba doing spice runs. I believe in a book about him (Legends) he also did some work for the Empire at one point hence, how he met chewie as he rescued him from being a slave. A bit of the trailer also seems to support this, because its showing him to be a number just like Fin was when working for the Empire, where someone sais ‘I’ll just call you Han’ or something like that.

    To sum up, my opinion is that he is just a lovable rogue and does what he needs to do to survive in the harsh period of the Empire.

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