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    Ok this is just a theory but Snoke MAY have been in the latest Rebels Episode. In the 2 episodes we see our heroes trying to save the Jedi Temple on Lothal but there is a large occupation of imperials studying the temple. The leader of the operation is an old man with no name given. He wears a veil similar to the old man in Rogue One which i originally thought he could be that man. Heres where things get odd though. When Ezra enters the temple portal it takes him to a dimention between Time/Space where he can see past/present/future. You hear classic lines like Obiwan,Yoda,Kanan, and even Rey and Kylo Ren. Long story short the portal allows you to alter and or view the past/present/ or future which explains why the Emperor very much so wants to get to the dimension so to speak. Anyway to avoid spoilers Ezra escapes the dimension and seals it but before it seals you see the old man cry out about the knowledge thats about to be lost and we see him disappear in a flash of light. What if he got in last second??? If we put together some pieces of information we know Snoke has seen the rise and fall of the empire. This old man could have done that both in person for the rise and in the dimension for the fall. He saw Vaders redemption. He could have viewed that there aswell. He could have also viewed the old republic, Order 66, All the Rebels activity, the birth of the chosen one, Mortis, ect. Long story short, he could have viewed literally EVERYTHING and gained unlimited knowledge pretty much in a very short length of time. The only plot hole is his force sensitivity. If he was force sensitive he could have just studied and mastered the force in the dimension because he would have access to all that information. Only thing is was he force sensitive? I know this is an odd theory but a cool one i had none the less. I really want to see SWT view on this too and I hope he sees this!!!

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    Wow! Now I REALLY want to watch the rest of Rebels!
    This is a sound theory and I could totally see that being the case. But, as most Star Wars fans, I have my theories too. They sort of go with this, only a little different.
    (Also, another hole in this theory is how a and when exactly did he get out?)

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