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    Hey, guys, I am really excited about the new Star Wars movie and for more than a week, I cannot stop speculating and theorizing what is going to happen in Episode IX because there were so many twists and (considered to be) plot holes. After the Force awakens two years ago, I thought that Rey and Kylo Ren will develop something more than a simple hate-hate relationship and that they won’t stay enemies. I was one of those so-called Reylo fans and even considered the possibility for them to fall in love with each other which could turn into a great love story, an epic and emotional finale of the Star Wars saga. Episode VIII has confirmed my thoughts and I was pretty shocked that the director had chosen to develop the characters in the direction I had been hoping for (I will explain further below). So I became even more excited about the next movie.

    I have decided to write down my guesses and see how many of them would be right in 2019. I personally would not be devastated if the movie appears to be totally different from my theory, maybe I will love it even more, who knows. But I am curious to see to what extend my theory will fit in and I also want to see what you, guys, think about my version of the end of the sequel trilogy. Since I know that some of you would prefer a shorter version and not a ‘too long to read’ one, I have written the storyline using bold and what is not bold is just my analysis and explanation.
    I would be happy to read your comments!

    Theory – Star Wars Episode IX
    By joannaKar

    The story goes on a few years after the events in The Last Jedi. At least 3-4 years because the Resistance needs new active members with inspiration to fight the First Order after the serious losses of pilots, fighters and generals that we saw in Ep. VIII.

    The scene with the children playing and retelling the legendary story of Luke Skywalker and his miraculous appearance on the planet of Crait was not put at the end of the 8th movie just to add a few seconds of screen time – it had the main purpose to show that a new generation of rebels will rise against the First Order and that there are, somewhere in the galaxy, children exactly like Luke who live their considered to be normal lives and dream of an adventure; of having a bigger role in something meaningful for many others; of being helpful and also inspiring; of bringing a positive change in the world.
    This gap of several years is necessary because the Resistance cannot be seen as a menace for the First Order if it consists of less than 50 members. They need to regain some strength and resources and they also need more Force users on their side in order to be equal to the FO for a final, epic battle that could put an end to the war.

    Leia will still be the leader of the rebels but we will see her dying tragically at the beginning of the movie, either during a battle (unlikely, we saw that she uses the Force successfully in critical situations) or suffering from a long-lasting illness (broken heart like Padme Amidala?). She has practically lost everyone she loves and Luke was an important part of her soul, after his death I assume she would be physically weaker. I hope she will have her last words to the next rebel leaders Poe, Finn and Rey, saying she believes in them and asking them to try one last time to bring Ben Solo home. After that she will have a beautiful funeral as a last tribute to Carrie Fisher.

    Since it has been officially stated that they will not use CGI for Leia in Episode IX to replace Carrie Fisher, I suppose she will appear only at the beginning of the movie. They have many shot scenes of her from Episode VIII they could recycle but they cannot do this for the entire movie. I also hope they will not cut her fully from IX or only mentioning her, because she deserves one last appearance in the last episode.

    Rey has gathered a group of potential Jedi knights and has started teaching them the ways of the Forcе. Using the instructions from the Jedi books, she would be able to create her own lightsaber (I really hope to see a double-bladed one!) since Luke’s is damaged. Her students could also have their own lightsabers if she finds enough crystals. It would be interesting if Rey gathers the students on a new for us planet rich in Kyber crystals or if the new Rebel base is set up there. I also believe that we will see Luke again as a Force ghost giving advice to Rey just like Obi-Wan did for him.

    It is highly probable that Rey establishes a new Jedi order- she has the Jedi books (we saw them on the Millennium Falcon) and is the last remaining Force-using warrior fighting for the Resistance – it will be logical for her to study these texts and then to pass on the knowledge to other Force-sensitive people/creatures who support the Resistance and understand the need for Balance. One example is the child with the broom who used the Force to pick it up, it is very likely that there are other Force users who just need a teacher and Rey could be this teacher for them. If her parents are really unknown and non-Force users then Episode IX can freely introduce new characters without a Jedi bloodline – because theoretically, everyone in the universe has equal chances of being Force-sensitive (which makes it possible for Disney to produce endless movies about known and unknown characters from the Star Wars universe but that’s another topic for another time).
    I would be happy to see Finn as one of Rey’s students, I think he was pretty good against Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens and I also like the idea of an ex-stormtrooper Jedi – but it’s rather unlikely since he was not shown to sense the Force the way Leia and Rey do.

    I believe that at the beginning of IX we will see a battle scene where Kylo Ren and his fleet will confront a rebel group and where he will hesitate again like in VIII when he sensed Leia. This time he will sense her or Rey and his hesitation will be obvious to General Hux and will probably lead the operation to failure for the First Order.

    Kylo Ren, being the Supreme Leader of the First Order, will have a lot of responsibilities, trying to manage many critical situations but he won’t be such a decisive and cruel leader like Snoke – on the contrary, he will be still having this inner conflict, especially after the previous confrontation with Luke and Rey. He will rule the galaxy yet he will still be unhappy and after all these years he realizes it even more.

    General Hux wants to overthrow Kylo by organizing a coup against him. He obviously wants to be the only one in charge and on top of the hierarchy and we also saw in Episode VIII how Hux was really close to killing Kylo Ren while he was unconscious on the floor of Snoke’s throne room. Hux waits for the perfect moment to attack him and maybe we will see how he has secretly gathered support from generals and maybe some of the Knights of Ren during these few years of reign of Kylo. Hux will recognize this hesitation of the Supreme Leader as an indication that the time to attack has finally come and he will publicly accuse Kylo Ren of being a traitor and a double agent for the Resistance.

    A few good arguments Hux could bring forward are: 1. He has possibly found a security hologram of Kylo assassinating Snoke and uniting with Rey against the guards, 2. Kylo Ren is heir of the people who are leaders of the Resistance and are symbolic for this movement, 3. His hesitant and unpredictable behavior that has led to failing operations like the one I predict will happen in Episode IX.

    General Hux and supposedly some of the Knights of Ren will betray Kylo and he will lose the uneven battle. He will become a prisoner and will be crushed by the pain and loneliness after sensing the death of his mother and after the realization that he has turned into an enemy for both the First Order and the Resistance.

    So, back to Rey – I strongly support the idea of her and Kylo/Ben Solo being more than enemies/fight buddies/friends… but actually being soulmates. We saw many hints in the last two movies and I will not list every detail that proves this theory – the whole Internet is already crazy about Reylo. That shirtless scene, the secret hand touching, Rey staring at his lips in the elevator, the thigh touching thing in the throne room etc., etc… They are NOT related. They are not related because there was enough time for Luke, Leia and Han to tell Rey such a crucial piece of information. There is no logical reason for all of them to lie or to hide the truth. Also it makes no sense to invest so much screen time to build sexual tension between those two characters for nothing. Rey attacked (!) Luke Skywalker because of her compassion for Ben. Ben killed Snoke because of Rey. They fought side by side, their movements and actions in the throne room were perfectly synchronized, they make each other stronger, they need each other. They are definitely meant to be together.

    I think Rey and Ben will keep having these occasional Force bonding conversations, where Ben tries to turn her to the Dark Side and she tries to turn him as well. We saw in the previous movie that they still had this connection even after Snoke’s death and the looks on their faces showed that their interaction is not over but they have many unresolved issues between them. I hope that they will develop this romantic interest for each other (we have already seen the foundation for it). Clearly, Rey hates Kylo Ren. She shut the door of the Millennium Falcon for him. But she had this look of disappointment and expectation towards Ben Solo – the real, good person within the new Supreme Leader.

    Rey doesn’t feel lonely and vulnerable like before on Jakku, she has now a mission and waits for nobody, she embraces the possibility of being a leader for the new generation and has her good friends Finn and Poe beside her but they cannot understand her true self and her deepest emotions and fears like Ben does. At the end of Episode VIII we saw her and Poe meeting and some fans hope that they will become a couple – I doubt that. Yes, Poe is cool but he is not an equal partner for her, he doesn’t understand her struggles and her Force senses, the seductive nature of the Dark Side. The only person with whom she shares all of these experiences, who is as powerful as her, who listened to her after she had the vision in the dark cave on the island, the One for her – is Ben Solo! And I assume she misses him as he misses her. She believes that there is still good in him, she saw his future with her and naturally, she is still cautious after his betrayal in TLJ but she has decided to keep going the way she considers to be right, leaving him to figure out everything on his own.

    When they connect through the Force again and she sees his despair and the danger for his life, she decides to rescue him as a last attempt to turn him to the Light Side (at the same time respecting Leia’s last wish) and to give him the opportunity to redeem himself and help the Resistance. She sneaks in, rescues him (I expect AT LEAST a hug in this emotional moment between Rey and Ben!) and they flee. Perhaps the circumstances will make it impossible for them to flee directly to a rebel base and they will have to land on an unknown planet. Rey will tell Ben how the Resistance needs him and that they could still save everything his parents have fought for. Ben will be sure that it is too late for him (exactly what Darth Vader said to Luke once) and that he has done too many terrible things to be redeemed. He tells Rey that he is sorry and that everything went wrong from the moment Snoke started messing with his mind as a child. He has regrets about his dead family and about everyone he has hurt but it is, in his view, just too late for him.
    Rey realizes at this moment that neither she, nor Han, nor Luke, nor Leia will turn him and make him understand what his true destiny is – he has to understand on his own – and she leaves the planet to join the Resistance for the conclusive battle.

    Ben, being alone on the planet, meets a Force ghost – the ghost of Anakin Skywalker (this moment makes perfect sense to me because of the direct connection to the prequel trilogy and because Darth Vader was Kylo Ren’s idol and source of inspiration and power for many years. He wouldn’t listen to Luke, Yoda or Obi Wan but he would listen to Vader. And also Hayden Christensen could be easily included in Episode IX, he is recognizable and still young. It would also be interesting to show physical similarity between grandfather and grandson – hair, physique, clothes… The circle will be closed and the link to the beginning of the Skywalker story will be made).

    Anakin explains that he had been doing terrible things for many years yet his son believed in his redemption and made him realize it was not too late for him to eliminate the seed of evil and destruction and to bring peace to the galaxy. Anakin also tells Ben that Rey is strong with the Force but she needs help because behind the First Order, in the shadows, Darth Plagueis is still alive and has used the image of Snoke only as a covering puppet.

    When I saw the death of Snoke, I thought it was just too easy. Such a great manipulator with strong sixth sense cannot hear that a lightsaber is rattling less than a meter away from him, ready to impale him? Come on. He knows about the inner conflict of Ben and mentions Darth Vader as though he has met him and has known him. He could be Palpatine but we saw his death. We never saw the death of his master – Darth Plagueis the Wise. A nice plot twist would be if the darkest and most evil Sith Lord has been alive during the events of the whole Star Wars saga and has just set up the events leading to his ultimate ruling of the universe. A clever move for him would be just to stay in the shadows and let powerful figures like Palpatine, Darth Vader and Kylo Ren establish the order he wants. The image of Snoke could be a hologram just like Luke’s – but dense and undetectable for the Force users nearby. Darth Plagueis was once betrayed by his apprentice Palpatine and would logically be cautious when giving so much power to his next apprentice Kylo Ren who is visibly conflicted and unstable. So this could explain why he would use the false image of Snoke instead of introducing himself in person from the very beginning.

    Anakin explains further – during these few years, Darth Plagueis has regained enough power for one final strike against the Light. He is now able to fully overcome the Resistance. To win this war, Ben must take the place beside Rey and they, being the Balance in the Force, could end the reign of Plagueis once and of all because only the union of yin and yang (notice the mosaic of the Prime Jedi in the Temple of Ahch-To) is able to defeat the pure evil he represents. Ben realizes Rey and the others are in grave danger and joins the final battle.

    I don’t know how the filmmakers have planned it but I hope to see an epic conclusive battle – spectacular and breathtaking, where Ben and Rey can really show all their abilities against Darth Plagueis and where the Resistance overcomes the First Order in a cunning way. Hopefully we will have a happy ending, an optimistic end to the whole Star Wars saga, with Balance of the Force, with the ‘good guys’ finally having their peaceful lives they deserve and with Ben and Rey passing on the knowledge of the Jedi and the bloodline of Skywalker.

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