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    After seen several dozens of theories about Ray’s parents I came to a conclusion that no one has come until now. My great friend, I’d like to suggest it as video to your channel as the winning theory!

    This is the thing: RAY IS LEA’S DAUGHTER WITH ANOTHER MAN highly strong in the force! We all know that SOLO went vanished for so many years and just reappears in the force awakens. So RAY and KYLO are half siblings. This may explain why they’re so connected and we have seen this in the force awakens.
    Maybe Lea has met a Force wielder/Force sensitive man and then, there’s another powerful force sensitive child?
    And why Lea may be left the little girl in Jakku? Because Snoke already has hunted Ben Solo to bring Him to the dark side. Now the new Girl could have the same end if she was not left at some place. And why Jakku? Because it was the place of the largest battle after Endor and has turned into a Dumpsite after that major battle. So a forgotten place that even Snoke or Kylo would suspect. And until the Force Awakens in the Girl, she passes unperceived by everyone.
    What everyone thinks about it? And Who do you guys think could be the father?


    Force incest with Luke?

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    Luke is the father, or it could be one of the few jedi who actually survived the Empire’s reign

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    I like this theory but I don’t really think they will carry it out and destroy the most epic love story of the saga

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    What if Leia had another kid with Han and he didn’t know?

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