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    Qui-Gon Jinn is my favorite force user in the entire Star Wars saga. I’ve always felt that he was killed off way too soon in the prequels. The one thing I want Disney to make, more than any of the new films they’ve talked about, is a standalone Qui-Gon film. I’d love to see it take place 10 years before TPM, with Qui-Gon training a more impulsive teenage Obi-Wan and helping him resist the temptation of the dark side. Or they could have it take place even earlier, back when Qui-Gon was still training under Dooku. I think either scenario would provide plenty of material for a great movie.

    Anybody else like this idea?

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    I would, for sure like to see a Qi-Gon film.

    The only minor hang up I have is that if they were to feature him training under a light side Dooku, I question whether anybody could play the role as well as the iconic late Christopher Lee.

    If it were set in the period you mention, I think it would also be a great way to see what sort of things Jedi dealt with in the pre-Clone Wars era, before they became Generals.

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