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    I just voted on the new trilogy idea here on the website and it got me thinking, what do I most want to see in the new Star Wars Trilogy from Rian Johnson. One of the trilogies I would like to see would be a Knights of the Old Republic Trilogy but thats not what I really want to see. What I really want to see is a Trilogy based on Luke Skywalker and what happened to him after ROTJ. Yes I know the Star Wars film franchise is all based around the Skywalker family and that they already have 7, and 2 more counting, movies about the Skywalker’s but I think there is a lot that can be learned from such a trilogy. In that trilogy we could get to learn how Luke went about starting the new Jedi order, how he went out and found younglings who were strong in the force to join him, why he originally went to the first Jedi temple (maybe he visited the one on coruscant to get the holocrons?), how he learned his supposed new power in TLJ, how he wasn’t able to train Ben Solo well enough to resist the dark side or where else he explored in the galaxy to learn more about the force. Luke Skywalker is probably my favorite Jedi and has been ever since I first watched Star Wars as a kid, he is the original hero to the galaxy and I think he deserves his own complete separate trilogy all to himself about his adventures in the galaxy far, far away! Let me know what you all think and if you have your own trilogy ideas (maybe a Knights of Ren Trilogy, KOTOR Trilogy, Mandalorian Wars Trilogy).

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    I have a feeling that it is more likely that Disney make the ‘stories of Luke Skywalker’ a show like along the lines of Clone Wars or Rebels.
    In that way, we get to keep Mark Hamill as Luke. Also he’s a great voice actor.

    But a trilogy would be too long as I feel there could be much more content possible and overrun 3 movies.

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    Just so you guys know Ryan Johnson has said that his Trilogy will not focus on Skywalker characters or Old Republic characters, but will be something completely new. As far as Disney Cannon is concerned right now KOTOR and SWOR are both legends. All we do know about the beginnings of the Star Wars Universe was that it was brought to life by the Force, many creatures, planets, and star systems were made, and the Jedia Order did fall into Civil War which led to the War between the Sith Order and the Jedi Order, which could have ended with the Battle of Malachore and Darth Bane’s Rule of 2. The Mandalorian Wars also happened with conflicts between the clans and battles against the Jedi of the Old Republic. Then the Trade Federation Wars begin when separatist battle droids begin to enslave many worlds, including Naboo, which brings us into Episode 1. Since he is Saying he wants to use all new characters, he should use this mysterious time period that has been created as a result of Disney deleting half the stories that hold everything together.

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