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    “Noone’s ever really gone.”

    These are among Luke’s last words to Leia just before he “Faces down the entire First Order with a laser sword.” 😀 Whether you liked it or not, Laya finally using the force was a pin-drop moment in the theatre. Also confounding… But for all of the last Jedi haters you need to be a little more open minded considering this is part 2 of 3 of a trilogy and therefore an INCOMPLETE story and all will be explained. There’s absolutely a method and a meaning to virtually everything said and done in this movie. But back to Laya.. Her surviving or “cheating death”, if you will, is extremely critical to the plot and if u understand movie making, u know this movie is rife with clues. Force Awakens? Han Solo is obviously the focal point. Last Jedi? Luke Skywalker is the obvious focal point. Episode IX? I don’t think it’s a big leap to think Carrie Fisher was going to be a pivotal, key character in the final episode of the Skywalker Saga.. Especially when Luke and Han have died.. But Carrie Fisher passed away unexpectedly :'( So now the question to me becomes… Why not give her a heros death, however it best serves the story? She obviously can’t be in episode IX.
    THIS IS A MAJOR WRITING DECISION PEOPLE! So we must ask WHY.. and how?

    LEIA IS A FORCE GHOST… aSo for a sith/dark Jedi/ whatever, this is merciful, mother or not. He spared her and it’s the last thing that ever happened to her.. until she started flying around and shit. Lol.
    YES.. I can sense you shaking your heads as you read this just bear with me.. The more I talk the more sense its going to make.
    1st, think about every Jedi we’ve ever seen as a force ghost through 8 movies… Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon (It’s implied) Yoda and Anakin. Every one of them died in front of a Jedi and almost all died sacrificing themself in some way. Except Yoda but he still died right in front of Luke.
    Kylo Ren, in a rage joins the assault on the Resistance fleet but when he and Leia sense each other, he couldn’t bring himself to kill her cuz he obviously he stil loves her and there is still light in him.
    I know I’m quite likely wrong but I also know I’m in the right realm of thought. Creating Life thru Miticlorians..
    Anyway, for a Sith/Jedi/Whatever, this is merciful, mother or not. He spared her and it’s the last thing that ever happened to her before death. Obi awan tells Vader, “Strike me down now and I’ll become more powerful than you can imagine.” This Kylo/Leia incident is equal and opposite to that. Again…. They have to come up with SOMETHING to get explain her absence from the next movie…
    But the sacrifice angle aside.. Leia, like ever other force ghost, died in front of a Jedi. One who had just spared her life 2 seconds before her death… Her son…
    Tho its never brought up in the dialogue, this movie is expanding on that premise of becoming the force.. (Which tells me Snoke is prolly alive.) “I can’t be betrayed!” Ya, cuz he’s Voldemort style immortal! But I digress..
    I’ll finish by saying there are many clothes and hints to this story direction throughout the movie that I won’t go into although… You you may have noticed Luke handed those dice to Leia before confronting Kylo..
    A. Luke wasn’t there so how is he handing her anything?
    B. Kylo Ren finds them on the ground afterward and picks them up and they disappear.
    C. Yoda showed us that a force ghost can be tangible and physical in the real world.

    Laying may not be a force ghost but its a cool idea and would certainly be a way of patching up that pothole of her character not being around in the next movie. If she’s not a force ghost then its something to do with miticlorians and creating life. Which is the equal but opposite of what I believe they will reveal snoke to have been doing in the next movie.

    K, thx for reading. U can tell me how stupid I am now. 🙂

    P.s. – what is the electric portal in snokes throne room? I find it suspiciousn…

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    Hi Cahlen,

    Ok, I have read your theory. Yes I was one of those for whom the film held some disappointments but I far from hated it. I have recently started to come to terms with your assertion that it is the middle part of a trilogy & there will probably be more twists & turns in the next film which make sense of a lot of it.

    What you are suggesting was quite hard to get my head around but I think you are saying that Leia ‘actually’ died in Space, or maybe even in the medical capsule she was put in afterwards & what we saw of her after that was her force ghost self. That kind of reminds me of the 6th Sense & would make sense from a star wars point of view. When she (& poor old Admiral Ackbar let us not forget) was blown out of the ship when it was attacked, it was a kind of revelation for me (“So that’s how they did it” I thought before she did her superman in space bit lol!)

    I think that would be a touch of genius if they reveal that in the next film (although I could see a lot of people disagreeing because she didn’t have a blue aura around her & wasn’t semi-transparent) & it would be a great way to kind of write her out of episode 9. I imagine we’ll get something boring like an off-screen death. I felt convinced that they were going to kill her off in 8 and Luke at the end of 9 but it didn’t happen like that & when Carrie sadly passed away for real, they have had to drastically re-write episode 9.

    Great theory though!

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