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    I just finished the last Jedi for the second time because something wasn’t sitting with me right after the first viewing. No it wasn’t how Luke went from being able to always seeing the good in people to a man that would kill a child.
    It was that odd bit when Rey faced the mirror. I think she faced to Jedi knight trial of spirit.
    As I sat in my seat it hit me and I thought back to the clone wars short before the cartoon when Anakin had to help an alien race and he had to look within himself.
    I did a bit of reading about how one became a Jedi knight back in the glory days of the old republic and as I read about the trials it just made more sense to me.
    I’m sure that when she went looking for answers about who her parents are or had been…when she saw herself it was the trial telling her to look within…or that her parents don’t make her who she is meant to be and she should trust in herself.
    I think the whole point of that odd triply part was like when Luke went into the cave in episode 5. Only unlike Luke her biggest fear is not having a family or maybe not being worthy of the power within.
    No idea if this is sound or me reading too much into it.

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    I like your premise of the mirror showing her that she should look ahead, reiterating Maz from TFA…
    And a ‘trial’ it may be, but I still feel that there may be more to her than we think

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