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    So, I have had a few discussions with some friends on this, and even ranted on a youtube video about it. It was supposed to be just a reaction to The Last Jedi trailer last month, but I digressed into how the prequels could have been made better. Here’s the link to the video, if you so choose to delve.

    Here is a basic outline of my ideas.

    Episdoe 1:
    -Have the crawl encapsulate Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan rescuing Pademe and fleeing Naboo. The last line of the crawl could be to the effect of…”The JEDI must now help the young queen escape her home planet to seek the help of the GALACTIC SENATE…”
    -Then on Tatooine, the podrace sequence could be shortened…a lot. And replaced with more of the establishment of the characters and finding Anakin. Keeping it short and getting to Courisant before we are even halfway through the movie.
    -The middle of the movie would be the battle on Naboo and reclaiming it. Killing Qui-Gon.
    -The ending would be some of the beginnings of Anakin’s training…more of the manipulations of Palpatine early on and his quiet mentorship.
    -The ending would be a cliffhanger with finding out about the creation of the clones and some systems breaking off, Palpatine finding Doukou or revealing him as part of the ending montage.

    Episode 2:
    -Start with the beginning of the war…the Battle of Geonosis. Have the crawl be the events around the assassination and the forming of the CIS.
    -The battles between Obi-Wan/Anikin and Doukou would be the bookends of this movie. From the events on Geonosis all the way to the battle over Courisant and the staged kidnapping of the Chancelor.
    -The middle of the movie would be showing more of Anikins slow turning, the death of his mother being the turning point of the movie, as a flashback. Perhaps how he told Palpatine.

    This movie would be primarily about the Clone Wars themselves, Anikin becoming a Knight and the manipulations that Palpatine is constantly doing to his psyche. It would really show more of how close Anakin and Obi-Wan had become through the war.

    Episode 3:
    -Would be much the same, starting slower with the revelation of Pademe’s pregnancy and establishing that Grevious must be found.
    -Once that is established, not much in the story would need to change, just add in more of Anakin’s spiral into the dark side .
    -Mace Windu would still be killed off…but after having established him more in episodes 1 and 2, it would make the loss more impactful. As would a lot of things.
    -It would also NOT culminate with the battles between Obi/Anakin and Yoda/Sidious. That would be about 2/3 of the way in, then there could be more of an ending focusing on the rise of Darth Vader, hunting down some Jedi.
    -The ending could make more of Obi-Wan having to escape that and make it to Tatooine safely while Vader is hunting him.

    This one would be able to focus again, more on the story of Anikin’s spiral and some of the larger picture of the galaxy.

    So here are the things that all of this would do.
    -Minimize the idiocy of Jar-Jar…keep him to a secondary character and not comic.
    -Move more quickly into the point of these episodes. Anakin, The Clone Wars, the fall of the Jedi, the rise of Palpatine to Emperor, and the rise of Darth Vader.
    -Establish more of the relationships between Anakin/Obi, Anakin/Palpatine, The Jedi Counsel, the Galactic community as a whole.

    Alrighty, comment, discuss, but keep it civil.


    I enjoyed reading through this, thanks a lot. I’m 100% on board with the majority of what you wrote; except I like Qui-Gon a whole lot and would want him in the film a lot longer. For the continuity of your film he would have to be dead at this point. Unless Qui-Gon begins Anakin’s training and Obi-Wan would pick it up after he gets killed, having spend some of the film under the tutelage of Yoda. Doing so would lend credence to TESB when Obi-Wan comments on Yoda training him. Honestly this would make more sense to me than giving Obi-Wan such a power apprentice after having been under a Master who’s views sometimes strayed from Jedi doctrine.

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    True, perhaps there can be some Force Ghost appearances between Qui-Gon and Yoda.

    A lot of the material from The Clone Wars series could be put into Episode 2.

    As far as Yoda training Obi…Yoda trains all the younglings. So his line about being instructed by Yoda was not wrong…from a certain point of view.


    Right. I’m just speaking of some one on one tutelage. Perhaps, to piggy back off of your comment, Qui-Gon appearing to them to teach them about becoming Force Ghost etc.


    Right. I’m just speaking of some one on one tutelage. Perhaps, to piggy back off of your comment, Qui-Gon appearing to them to teach them about becoming Force Ghost etc.

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    Most fans will agree that Anakin’s character development should have been greatly increased in the prequel trilogy.
    Lucas always said that Anakin/Vader was at the center of the series.
    With Disney looking to cash in, it would be interesting to see if they are looking at a movie or series to bridge the gap between episode I and II.
    Unfortunately, we cannot change the past, but we can only hope that someone from Disney is out there and may listen to our ‘wants’. However, I think we cannot move these movies into the quick pace you speak of as we would be losing moments and other situations that will move the characters forward in their development.

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    One of the main things I think they should’ve done is to concentrate less on the Padme/Anakin romance in Ep. 2. They should’ve started the relationship in Ep. 2, but not spent as much time on it. Then they could get married at the beginning of Ep. 3. This would allow for more time to be spent on Anakin’s training with Obi-Wan and for more development of characters such as Mace Windu. The marriage taking place early in Revenge of the Sith would I think give better insight into Anakin’s turning to the Dark Side at the end of that same episode.


    I think the issues with the prequels were that there just was not enough time to fully flesh the long slow twisting of Anakin’s mind. His character is very complex and i believe it took a show like the clone wars to really flesh out what turned him.

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    I, too, have been thinking about this. I have been planning to rewrite the prequel trilogy to how I think it should’ve gone, do tell me if you want to read them and I will actually get around to doing them.

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    good job on the theory but does Obi-wan know how to drive a ship tho cuz we didn’t see him drive the ship to Mustafar to fight Anakin then like you said “obi wan having to escape and make it to Tatooine safely how would he do that if we might not know how to drive a ship.

    I may be wrong so correct me cuz I didn’t see revenge of the Sith because I wasn’t born that time I was born in 2008 so I didn’t see revenge of the Sith and other movies except,force awakens rogue one the last jedi how i know so good sometimes about older movies cuz the tell you about it and show you clips of the movie 🙂

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