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    Avery Kirchner
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    George Lucas said Star Wars saga is about the fall, rise, and redemption of Anakin Skywalker. Originally we thought this meant The original Trilogy and Prequel Trilogy. What if we are thinking about it all wrong. What if it meant three or more trilogies. If it was in order it would mean that
    The PT were about the fall
    The OT were about the rise
    The ST is about the redemption
    What if it wasn’t in order when he said it. In my theory
    The PT were the fall
    The OT were the redemption
    The ST is about the rise
    This would mean that like Luke said, “This isn’t going to go the way you think.” This trilogy is about how lord Vader’s legacy inspired The First Order, was a part in turning Ben Solo to the dark side, and caused the creation of the Knights of Ren.
    I know it doesn’t sound like Disney will do something like this, but what if in Ep 9 the rebellion fails. Maybe Rey, Poe, and/or Finn end up dead. What if Disney has been preparing us for this. Han surprisingly died in TFA, and the new republic was destroyed. Luke died in the TLJ, and the rebellion was pushed to the brink of destruction. It was revealed that the same arms dealers were involved in both parties, meaning that the rebellion may be involved with the First Order. Anyways our heroes will be in for a failure.
    So if it all ties to Vader, and Snoke is respected by the First Order. Than Snoke could be.
    A. Someone Vader respected when he was a Dark Lord of The Sith
    B. Lord Vader risen back from the dead. Doubt it with the information given by Disney.
    C. Someone connected or part of the Skywalker bloodline
    D. Another character who respected Vader
    E. “Darth Plaguesis” from a certain point of view. Plaguesis has been body hopping.

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