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    How that the Last Jedi is out and the visual dictionary to go along with it. We now know that Luke Skywalker’s red kyber crystal necklace is indeed a fragment of a Sith’s kyber crystal and it was a trophy kept by a Jedi crusader. In Legends Jedi Crusaders existed in the Old Republic era and we’re also known as Revanchist. Their leader being Revan. Now with that being said I know they have said the new Trilogy won’t be the Old Republic, but could that be the Old Republic stories that we know. Could the new Trilogy take place in that era though? After the Mandalorian Wars Revan and Malak were drawn to the unknown regions of the Galaxy by a great dark side power. They uncovered a hidden Sith Empire lead by emperor Vitiate. They became sith themselves. They broke free of his control and created a Sith Empire of Their Own. Years later after their empire fell Darth Revan redeemed by the Jedi Council wanted to destroy Vitiate and his Empire. In ledgends Revan did end up killing Vitiate. All of that is ledgends and doesn’t matter anymore but Disney has been taking things from ledgends. The sith home world Korriban became Moraband. Maybe Vitiate is Snoke. They have similarities. Both came from the unknown regions of the Galaxy. Both are powerful in the force and can dominate others minds. Vitiate was immortal and lived for close to 1500 years. Snoke is ancient. Maybe Luke when looking for Ahch-To in the unknown regions and a way to defeat Snoke came across this trophy and stories of Revan. In Legends Revan had an impact on force ideology and Military strategy for many millennia after his death. Also in Legends Darth Bane found Darth Revans Sith holocron and used its teachings as the philosophical foundation for the rule of two. Darth Bane has since been made canon. There’s a lot going on in this post. I hope it all makes sense. What is everybody else’s thoughts on this?

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    Seeing the end of TLJ, minor spoiler but nothing major, I wouldn’t be surprised that the new trilogy is after episode 9…

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    Yeah probably not a trilogy, but maybe in some other form of media. Even just a mentioning of him and a link to Snoke. Kind of like Darth Plagues has been mentioned in canon but not really explored further than that.

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    Ok this is the gist of the theory.
    Luke’s red crystal pendant = Jedi crusaders trophy of a Sith’s red kyber crystal
    Jedi Crusaders in Ledgends were also known as Revanchist
    Revanchist were followers of Revan, who was renowned as the Revanchist
    He was also praised as the Prodigal Knight
    After the war Revan was seduced by a great unknown dark side force user in the unknown regions of the galaxy
    This was the Immortal Master or Immortal Emperor Vitiate
    There was a great dark side Force user calling to Darth Sidious from the unknown region that is presumably Snoke
    Snoke may not be Vitiate but maybe based off of him
    Snoke has trained at least one other in the dark side other than Kylo Ren
    I think this maybe Revan
    If he is going to be canon and linked to Snoke maybe his followers aren’t going to be known as Revanchist but maybe they were the original Knights of Ren
    I know Kylo’s helmet/mask was ment to pay homage to his grandfather Darth Vader but it also has similarities to Darth Revan’s as well

    If Revan/Darth Revan don’t become canon at least maybe this will all make for a good fan fiction.

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