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    I was wondering if this new character that has been spoken of will actually be in TLJ.
    From all the trailers and TV spots available, there is no visual confirmation of this.
    Yet we know that he was part of the production.
    Do you think that this is deliberate?
    Was he now written out of the movie?

    Lasse Andersen
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    I think it’s a possibility but it might aswell be that it would spoil to much if he was in the trailers.

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    true, but why have a few pictures and not even a still scene where he is only shown

    Jon Faux
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    Well, I watched a video translating someone credible who saw the first 10 minutes in a showing in Mexico. They referenced a “new character” that made you like them immediately… maybe it’s him? Although, he seems more like a bad guy (or an ambiguous character), so maybe not.

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